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  • Passive Networking
  • Switching
  • Routing
  • Network security
  • Wi-Fi
  • AV
  • Server, Storage & virtualization
  • Services

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[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Passive Networking” icon=”fa-clock-o”]Passive Indoor & Outdoor Connectivity
Site Survey Design & Execution
Providing Optimistic Routing for Both Indoor & Outdoor
Campus OFC Connectivity
Data Centre Cabling[/tx_services][/tx_column]
[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Switching” icon=”fa-globe”]Network Consulting
Active Design and Execution
V-Lan Segregation in the Network
Implementing Network Policies
QOS Implementation over Voice, Video and Data
NMS Implementation
Network Access Control Implementation[/tx_services][/tx_column]
[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Routing” icon=”fa-gears”]WAN Consulting
Routing Design & Execution
Load Sharing, Balancing or Shedding
WAN Optimization
RAS, MPLS etc…
NMS Implementation[/tx_services][/tx_column]
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    [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Network Security” icon=”fa-clock-o”]IDS/IPS Implementation
    Firewall/UTM Implementation
    Unified access control
    Network audit and Network Optimization (NANO)
    Customer infrastructure readiness survey (CIRS)[/tx_services][/tx_column]
    [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Wireless” icon=”fa-signal”]Site Survey
    Design and Heat Map Generation
    Appropriate Technologies for Both Indoor & Outdoor Access Points
    P to P Wifi Connectivity
    Anywhere Anytime BYOD Access Control
    802.1x, MAC,LDAP Integrations over Wifi
    Campus Centralised Wifi Solutions[/tx_services][/tx_column]
    [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Audio Visual” icon=”fa-film”]AV Design & Execution
    Video Conferencing
    Surveillance CCTV (Campuses, Offices, Sites etc)
    Board Room Solutions
    Bio metric & access control system[/tx_services][/tx_column]

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    [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Servers & Storage” icon=”fa-signal”]Workstations
    Rack Mount Servers
    Half/Full Blade Chasis Based Servers
    SAN Storage Solutions
    Server/Client Virtualisation
    Design Implementation & Support[/tx_services][/tx_column]
    [tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”default” title=”Services” icon=”fa-wrench”]Project Management
    End-to-end Execution
    Network Services & Support
    Network up-keep and maintenance
    On-site network support[/tx_services][/tx_column]

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The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.
~ John Russell